Zebulon United Methodist

Church Preschool

121 W. Gannon Avenue, Zebulon, NC 27597, (919)404-8850

Hours of business: 9-12am, M-F

Tracy Blalock, Preschool Director



Zebulon United Methodist Church Preschool was first established in January 1998 as a Mother's Morning Out Program by the Zebulon United Methodist Church family and with Pam White, the preschool's first director. Unfortunately, the Preschool closed in March 2020 due to Covid. We celebrate today as we reopened the ZUMC Preschool on January 17th, 2023.

Our preschool provides classes for children one (must be walking), two, three, four and five years of age. The birthday cut-off date for classes is August 31. We offer two, three, four, and five day programs and operates September through May.

Enrollment is now open!

Click the link above from the drop-down menu

for more information on how to register your child.

Zebulon UMC Preschool is now accepting resumes for teaching positions. Please submit your resume, along with a cover letter, to the Preschool Director, Tracy Blalock, at director@zumcpreschool.com.

Teacher Job Description

• Objectives: To promote creativity, physical and emotional growth, social skills, and mental growth and development among the children in the class.

• Scope of Activities: To plan and work with the professional staff in a way that will allow the accomplishment of the above objectives. This should be in accordance with the responsibilities listed below and subject to the authority of the Director.

• Duties:

1. To be at school from 8:30 – 12:30 pm using the half hour before class to prepare the classroom for the work of the day and the half hour after school to prepare for the following day. This includes setting up and cleaning up the room.

2. To plan activities by making daily lesson plans, monthly newsletters, snack schedules and calendars.

3. To make sure all supplies are in the room before the beginning of the school day. To keep the room neat and orderly, following the rule of leaving the room how you found it. This includes returning preschool supplies to their cabinets, cleaning the tables, sweeping the floors and taking the trash to the trash receptacle.

4. To be in the room each morning to greet each child as he or she arrives.

5. To assist with carpool as assigned by the director.

6. To be involved with the children, interacting with them during the time the children are at preschool.

7. To accompany class to on site activities.

8. To involve/ incorporate your assistant in the daily operations of the classroom.

9. To keep open communication with your assistant.

10. To attend monthly staff meetings.

11. To comply with all reasonable requests of the Director. Concerns developing from an unforeseen situation must be taken to the Director.

12. To participate in staff evaluations conducted by the Director.

13. To participate in CPR and First Aid training to be paid for by the preschool.

14. To conduct yearly parent/teacher conferences or more as needed.

15. To maintain clear and open communication with parents.

16. To perform all other duties as assigned.

• Relationship: The teacher will be directly responsible and answerable to the preschool Director.

• Authority: The teacher shall have the authority and responsibility to carry out the duties described above.

Must take our Safe Sanctuary class and pass a background check.